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Bespoke – Designer Clutch Bags | Olympia Le-Tan



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You can now have your personalised book clutch!
A childhood book, your favourite novel, the play you know by heart… will be reinterpreted by the Olympia Le-Tan team.
The cover should be from a vintage book and it is recommended that you choose an illustration rather than a photograph.
Olympia will approve the artwork, making sure it respects the brand’s identity*.

You can select the base colour of the bag from a vast range we have available.
Additionally, the back of the bag can be embroidered with your initials, a name, a date or a short sentence.
You can also choose to have a removable cross-body strap on your bag.

The book-clutch will be numbered 01/01.

You will receive your order within the 3 months following the confirmation of your purchase.

For any inquiries, please contact sales@olympialetan.com.


* We have the final approval on the cover as some covers may not be accepted due to rights issues or because we feel that the embroidered version of certain images will not be satisfying.

* All the Bespoke are non exchangeable non refundable

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