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Bonne régalade!
The Ladurée x OLT collection is here.

For many outside France, a Ladurée macaron is almost synonymous with the country celebrated for its haute cuisine. Maybe it’s because so many of us grew up watching Blair Waldorf adore these luxurious treats in books and tv screens and drooling over the set design of Sofia Coppola’s gorgeous Marie Antoinette (oui, all the pastries were created by Ladurée).

Predating our modern cultural phenomena, Maison Ladurée, established in 1862, is a French institution. A uniquely French savoir-faire, an upscale boudoir setting, and a taste for life's little luxuries...Ladurée, the celebrated sweets-maker best known for making macarons a global icon, has a lot in common with Olympia Le-Tan.

We at OLT are so inspired by Ladurée’s aesthetic and we often find ourselves admiring the well preserved frescoes on the walls of their first shop (16 rue Royale, look for the Pastry Angels!). Ladurée is, “a veritable song to sweets and pastry innovation.” We can’t agree more and we’re so excited for the world to dig into our OLT x Ladurée collaboration. Bonne régalade!

More about the OLT x Ladurée collection:

From the two brands' shared universe comes a new collaboration featuring two delectable, highly limited-edition bookclutches. The first? Le Buffet Festif - a selection of Ladurée's best cakes, pastries, and other sweet treats, hand-embroidered in OLT's atelier. The second? A perfect ode to the delicate refinement of both houses, bringing Ladurée's iconic silver and green macaron box to life. Now you can carry an OLT bookclutch that reminds you of your favorite French delicacies.

The cherry on top?

We’ve got so many surprises in Ladurée stores for you—a limited edition OLT x Ladurée macaron box in the shape of a minaudière purse, featuring the designs embroidered on the Le Buffet Festif model, as well as a special collaboration macaron flavor. This OLT x Ladurée macaron is definitely something all gourmands should not miss. Think citrus mandarin orange cream with a touch of Ladurée’s very own rosé champagne, in between two world famous Ladurée macaron shells, bien sûr. It’s the best of lingering summer flavors and vibes at your fingertips.

Our collaboration will truly be a feast for the appetite and the eyes as all the Ladurée boutique windows will be specially decorated to showcase this delicious collaboration. Catch it all at Ladurée boutiques worldwide from September 8 until November 3, 2021. 


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